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Home Page

The Home page of the dashboard provides users with their API credentials and links to important resources related to Geonode's services. It also includes a section that displays either the user's core statistics, including their request success rate, their daily bandwidth usage, and their total bandwidth usage, if they are subscribed to the company's services or the available plans if they are not subscribed. The Home page also includes a section where users can share their referral link to earn Geonode billing credits.

Plans Page

The Plans page allows users to view the different payment plans for the Pay as you go Residential proxy service offered by Geonode. It also displays the payment methods accepted by the company.

API Code Generator Page

On the API Code Generator page, users can view their API credentials, reset their API password, and generate code for integrating Geonode's services into their own code. The code generator currently supports the following programming languages: Node.js, C#, GO, Java, Perl, Php, Python, Shell, and Visual Basic.

Whitelist IPs Page

The Whitelist IPs page features a table that allows users to whitelist up to 150 IP addresses. Requests made from whitelisted IPs will not require API credentials.

Pay As You Go Residential Page

The Pay As You Go Residential page is a resource for users who have subscribed to Geonode's Pay as you go Residential proxy service. It provides API credentials and links to important resources, as well as billing information and usage statistics.

On this page, users can request additional analytics, configure their proxy settings, view their active sticky sessions, and see examples of cURL requests to test their proxy connection. The page also includes a list of Geonode's endpoints, separated by HTTP or SOCKS5 connection type.

To make integration with their own code as easy as possible, the Pay As You Go Residential page features a code generator that provides code snippets for several different programming languages.

Pay As You Go Scraper Page

The Pay As You Go Scraper page is a resource for users who are interested in Geonode's Scraper service, which is currently in beta. Users who wish to join the beta can submit a request through the page.

What's my IP Page

The What's my IP page enables users to view their IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, location, connection, and device information. This page can be used to verify that a proxy connection is working properly.

User Account Page

The User Account page includes a form for updating account information such as first name, last name, email, phone number, and password. It also allows users to choose which notifications they wish to receive and delete their account.

Customer Support Page

The Customer Support page allows users to contact Geonode's customer support team for assistance with any issues related to the company's services. The support team is highly educated and able to assist with a variety of concerns. Users can access this page to get help with any problems they may be experiencing.

Referrals Page

The Referrals page provides information about Geonode's referral program, including statistics on the performance of a user's referral link and the commissions earned. It also displays the referral link and social media links for sharing it.

Billing Page

The Billing page enables users to add and verify credit/debit cards, view a table of all added/verified cards, see their total Geonode credits, view invoice information, and access their invoices.