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How to start?


The Geonode Scraper API Node SDK is a powerful tool designed to simplify the process of web scraping. Web scraping is the act of extracting data from websites. Whether you're looking to gather data for analysis, backup content, or monitor websites for changes, this SDK provides a streamlined way to achieve it.


Before diving into the world of web scraping, you need to set up the necessary tools. The first step is to install the Geonode Scraper API Node SDK. This can be done using npm, a package manager for JavaScript:

npm install geonode-scraper-api

Account Setup

To use the Geonode Scraper API, you'll need an account. This account provides authentication details ensuring secure access to the scraping services. Sign up here to get your authentication credentials.

Initializing Scraper:

Once you have your authentication details (username and password), you can initialize the scraper in your code:

const GeonodeScraperApi = require('geonode-scraper-api');
const scraper = new GeonodeScraperApi('<Your_username>', '<Your_password>');

This code imports the Geonode Scraper API and creates a new scraper instance using your credentials.